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We Need to Build A New Fence...


At WCDC Inc. we are in the process of updating our facilities and we need to raise funds to help us build a new fence around our facility that will help us increase our opportunities to provide outdoor training and....

New Service Dog!


We have recently acquired a new service dog that will provide our clients a great way to relax.... We need donations to help provide a new dog house at our facility, and we are looking to get a special kennel, as well as providing food and other veterinary needs. 

All Donations Help Us...


WCDC Inc. is a non-profit organization that is dependent on extra funding from the community to help us continue to provide services to our clients.... More More More

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Donations For A Cause

WCDC is committed to providing assisted learning services that help our community and businesses grow together. Please check out the information below on how we could work together in the future.

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