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Here at WCDC we work with the best people around.  Here is a little bit of information on our staff and history of WCDC Inc.

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This is WCDC!

State of WCDC - 2022

There is a quote out there that “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”  That quote is looked upon as a bad thing, since people do not pay attention and make the same mistakes, over and over.  This can be seen in World Wars, in catastrophes, and yes, even in pandemics.  It is said people don’t learn.  That is true in many situations, but I am here to tell you not always.  This year, WCDC celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  WCDC’s founding Fathers (and Mothers) were motivated by finding something to make their children successful.  They saw the abilities of their children and needed for other people to see the endless capabilities of these young adults.  For 50 years, the dedicated people of WCDC (That includes you!) have “Repeated History.”  They have followed a mission that works!


This year, WCDC lost one of the people that made it successful for over 35 years.  Mike Andrew recently passed away.  Mike guided WCDC to be a successful company, that put the needs of the clients first.  Mike laid the groundwork for the successful operations of today.  Mission Accomplished, Mike!  Thank You!

As I was preparing my 6th “State of WCDC speech, I looked back at my previous five speeches.  I wanted to make sure I was following through on what WE had talked about.  That my actions were living up to my words.  I also realized that many of you have not been here for 5 years.  So briefly, here are the words that I have spoken in the past.  Many of them are questions for and challenges to you, and to myself!


In 2016-   WE talked about the three F’s- Finances, Family, and Future.  When I gave this speech in December of 2016, we had just paid off a $95,000 line of credit.  We were at 0 dollars owed to the bank for the first time since I had been hired 4 ½ months earlier.  It was like paying off your first car.  To move forward, it was important to get beyond debt.  WE also talked about how WCDC was a family.  The clients were our little sisters and brothers. WE share our love for them every day.  WE also talked about the future and how WCDC needed to get into the 21st century with technology.  All documentation was still done by pencil and paper.

In 2017- WE talked about some of the positives for the year.  The opening of the Redemption Center and partnership with Hy-Vee, Fareway and Walmart; adding Coralville REM; adding shredding and cleaning contracts with Washington Schools; restarting Special Olympics; and starting E-docs (which some might contest as a positive).  I also shared a quote given to me by a friend- Carve your name in hearts, not tombstones.  This had to do with creating your legacy.  What is your legacy?  What will people say about you after you are gone?  Are you Carving your name on hearts and not waiting to have it carved in a tombstone?


In 2018- WE talked about the 10 positives of the year which included a successful CARF and HCBS Review.  We also talked a lot about being a positive influencer, for clients and other staff members.  WE talked about putting positive and good thoughts in our head, which in turn create positives behaviors coming out!  Are you a positive influencer?


In 2019- WE talked about a quote that Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, hangs above his door.  The quote is “DO YOUR JOB” and how it takes everyone, DOING THEIR JOB to make everyone successful.  We talked about the successes, including the addition of Smart Scripts and the Washington High School Transitional program.  We talked about the addition of the Dan Moeller Pavilion and new kitchen.  We talked about how all things are possible, if “WE DO OUR JOB.”  Are you “Doing your job?”


In 2020- WE talked about being Thankful.  In 2020, we were shut down for three months and were not sure where things were going with the Covid 19 pandemic.  We were going through all the new pandemic protocols that now seem like old habit.  WE talked about not taking things for granted.  About being thankful for good health and being able to live a life of service.  Are you Thankful?  


So, 2021 comes along and tells 2020, Hold my Beer! 2021 has been a year to show how resilient we all are.  Nothing has been easy, but we have kept grinding.  When I was coaching, we would tell the student-athletes to “Embrace the Grind!”  This meant that life and football were not easy but accept that and push forward.  Once you accept that and show up and grind in life every day, what was one day very difficult to do, becomes easier and easier.  The key is to keep grinding.  It is kind of like learning to ride a bike.  Every bike ride gets easier, then here comes the mountain or the mud.  The key is to keep pedaling, to keep grinding. 


I hope 2022 is not another, “Hold my beer!”  But if it is, what I have learned from history is to Embrace the Grind? Join me in making 2022 the best year yet! Will you Embracing the Grind? 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Here are some number from the Auditors to show that we are still doing good:

The Numbers from the Auditors: 2021

Total revenue, gains and other support $2,139,576

Total Functional Expenses $1,995,211

Net Assets- Beginning of the Fiscal Year $570,368

Net Assets- End of the Fiscal Year $714,733


Speech given to staff and board members on December 23, 2021, at 3:15 PM.  Staff Party with Wine and Cheese followed.

David Hoffman

President WCDC


To Promote and Support individual Independence in Life Choices

History of WCDC

The year was 1971 when Rolling Meadows was established by a group of concerned parents and individuals for the care and services of the Mentally Retarded. The local Association for Retarded Citizens was instrumental in our organizations’ development.

This group researched other services throughout the State of Iowa that could provide training and work opportunities to their children. Their children were entering the age of adulthood and being faced with little or no activity upon graduation from the special education class in the local school district. A work activity center (Rolling Meadows) was established in the basement of the First Christian Church in Washington.

After one year Rolling Meadows moved to a schoolhouse located on the Washington County Fairgrounds. Limited space hampered work opportunities that were similar to those found within the Washington Community.


Therefore another search began for adequate facilities to achieve age appropriate work and social opportunities. Remembering that Rolling Meadows started with volunteerism, causing the lack of funding which hampered its every move. It soon became apparent that the services provided to the mentally handicapped and disabled were beneficial and people became interested in the organization. People provided personal support of expertise, money and leadership. The Work Activity Center was now administered by the Grant Wood Area Education District.

Soon after this development another site became available commonly known in Washington as the “Old Pepsi Plant”. Our name changed as well to Washington County Developmental Center, Inc.

For a number of years the services provided were adult basic education, social skills, recreation and work skills. These services were paid for by the County but a small amount of revenue was realized through the sale of the products the clients produced. The potential and capabilities of clients with disabilities far outreached what the founding fathers had dreamed and clients were performing jobs within the community. Over the course of seven years the company outgrew this facility and the number of clients grew to twenty-seven. A larger facility was needed.

In 1979 the Washington County Developmental Center, Inc. moved to its present location. The building was much larger than it's needs at the time. Many thought the Center had mistakenly purchased too large of a building. The southern half of the building was used as a work activity center and the northern half was rented out to secure extra income.

The debt on the present building was paid entirely through donations by the people of Washington County. A tribute to the enthusiasm and support our mission held. Over the next ten years this building was expanded in many phases. The first being the northern sections which turned into space that would allow training opportunities for our clients. Then expanded office space for increase demand on administration. A woodworking area and shipping area were created next along with classrooms.

In 1980 We were staffed with 5 supervisors and 2 administrative staff. Today we have almost 50 staff in a number of capacities. Twenty-seven clients were working then and over 160 today are served on a daily basis. Our budget in 1980 was $ 80,000 and now we operate closely to $1.5 Million. The organization is licensed or accredited by the Dept. of Labor, The Dept. of Human Services, and CARF a national accreditation organization.

In 1992 our name changed to WCDC and in 1996 we leased a building on the Washington Square and called this operation Advance Employment Service. The population served by WCDC was changing and many clients with disabilities were relating to the community for job opportunities. A grant was secured for operating the Community Employment services from this location. A few years later community living services were initiated to support clients within their homes and the community. Just recently services began to support families and at risk children.

WCDC services continue to expand the opportunities for clients with disabilities to live in the community and be productive members of Washington and its surrounding areas.

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